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Reach your full audience

Millions of people worldwide have some sort of disabling hearing loss and need assistive technology, such as closed captions or audio descriptions, to enjoy their favourite shows and access important information. At Plint, we have a dedicated access services team with multilingual specialists to help you adapt your content to meet the new industry standards and make your stories available for an even larger audience.


SDH (subtitles for the deaf or hard of hearing) combines the information from regular subtitles with a more detailed explanation of significant sound and other details that a person with a hearing disability may not otherwise register.

Audio Description

With Audio Description you can makes your content more accessible to blind or visually impaired people, by using spoken words to explain what is happening on the screen in between the dialogue. This is a service that is getting more and more popular on multiple platforms globally, and our team are happy to support you with a range of voice actors to match with your unique project.

Sign Language

Sign language combines facial expressions, gestures and body language to interpret the story and deliver meaning to the audience. It is a truly valuable asset for viewers that may not understand written language used in SDH or closed captioning.

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