Kickstart your localisation career

As a freelancer for Plint, we want you to grow your talents in a friendly partnership with us and our clients. Since many of us have a history as freelancing linguists, we are well familiar with the perks and challenges of being in this industry, and we work hard to offer you fair rates and compensation in all our projects. Being a present partner is key for us as we truly value good working relationships, which is why we maintain an open dialogue with our freelancer community to provide you with the best working conditions possible.

The localisation industry is rapidly changing, with new demands and new technology at the forefront. We see it as our mission to shape the future of our landscape together, so rest assured that everything we do is aimed at keeping your craft at the heart of our trade. We are proud to deliver high-quality content to some of the greatest players in the media industry, and humbled by the fact that so many talented, experienced linguists choose to be a part of our journey, year after year.


Languages & The Media, Nov 13 – 15 Budapest, Hungary

Now Onboarding

Right now, we have an extra eye out for onboarding French and German SDH translators. Is that you, or someone you know?