Disa Lagergård


Disa Lagergård on sustainability, AI and leadership at Plint

Text by Frida Abrahamsson
Photography by Jonas Jacobsson, Pavel Lychagin

At Plint, we have a Corporate Team that manages close to 200 clients of all sizes – from production companies, ad agencies, and in-house marketing departments to big public organisations and educational institutions. This team is led by Disa Lagergård, who has been in the localisation business for over a decade now. She started out as a translator, and though the industry has changed a lot since then, her passion for words, languages and storytelling remains. Disa took some time to tell us a bit about her work at the Corporate Team here at Plint.

Hi Disa! Could you tell us a bit about yourself and your role here at Plint?
Hi! Sure! My name is Disa Lagergård. I’m born and raised in Gothenburg, Sweden. When I was about seven years old, we moved to the US, and so I had to learn English at an early age. Later, I went on to study English, Spanish and Swedish linguistics.

I’ve been a manager of the Corporate Localisation Team at Plint for about two years now, and with the company since 2016, and I must say that it’s been an incredible journey so far as we’ve transitioned from a small Nordic organisation offering mainly subtitling, to a global full-service localisation company. My background is in professional text translation, but I realised early on that I missed the collaboration and the social part that comes with working in a team. So, I became a project manager and worked with several text translation agencies before finding my way to Plint.

Plint’s Corporate Team work hard with tailored solutions for our clients, to meet their, oftentimes, very specific needs. We work closely with our Development Team to create efficient and customised workflows that can support a wide range of content platforms and formats. We also have a talented pool of freelancers, linguists and voice actors, from all over the world that ensures linguistic and creative quality in all our projects.

You are also responsible for Plint’s sustainability strategy. What does sustainability mean for you in your role, as a Team Manager?
Yes I am. There are so many fancy ways to portray and plan for these strategies from a company brand perspective, but when it comes down to it I think it’s about making it easy to stick with. Expected, even.

There’s no doubt sustainability is well-incorporated in our culture at Plint and our organisation, especially when it comes to leadership and people management. We believe in transparent communication and involving our team members in the decision-making process to ensure everyone understands our common purpose and goals. I can sense that this creates a supportive, healthy environment where everyone can thrive, feel motivated and speak up about things. Nurturing green habits or “living green” if you want, is another thing I think we’re doing really well. We don’t travel in excess, and we’re typically very mindful about what we serve at company parties and have policies to help us support a more sustainable consumption in general.

From the left: Disa Lagergård, Josefine Green, Fatou Jagne and Elin Hellström.

There’s no doubt this year has been all about AI so far. Any thoughts on that? How has the breakthrough of AI tooling been affecting the way your team works?
It absolutely has. We believe that automated processes will play a significant role in this shift we’re seeing right now. The challenge will be all about to learning how to make peace with this transformation and use it in a way that is smart for everyone being a part of the localisation workflow.

AI and the innovation coming from this will of course have an effect on our client expectations as well, both in terms of pricing, delivery time and transparency. And that goes for all teams at Plint. It affects our whole industry. We are constantly transforming and adapting our working methods to remain relevant, and make our subtitling/voice-over processes better, more efficient and more flexible. AI will no doubt be an even more integral part of the translation process in the future, and I think it’s all about learning how to make the technology work for you. The creative aspects of working with translation will still be there, there will still be a need for a human touch, but the roles might look a bit different. That’s my current approach to it anyway, as you know things are moving fast.

Ok, thanks a lot for taking the time. Any last words to share?
I’m very proud of my team who always goes the extra mile to offer the best possible solution for each type of content we handle, whether it’s a long educational webinar or a high-profile PR campaign film with client-specific terminology and voice-over localisation. Overall, I would say it’s an exciting time to be in this business, and we’re confident that Plint will continue to be at the forefront of innovation and creativity.

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Disa Lagergård
Manager of Corporate Content Localisation

Josefine Green
Senior Project Manager & Sales