This is Jonas


Plint’s very own VO expert

Text by François Lambrecht
Photography by Erik Harald

With a bachelor’s degree in Digital Media Production and 17 years spent as a studio musician and producer in his spare time, his love for sound doesn’t come as a surprise.

During his academic education, sitting cozily on a classroom bench wasn’t enough to quench his ear’s appetite. He wanted more action. Getting hands-on experience in the field. Rubbing shoulders with like-minded in the great outdoors. In this moment of clarity, he began working as a sound engineer on film sets in parallel with his studies. Which led very soon to the second epiphany of his formative years, as he was standing, day after day, in the cold and rainy Nordic weather with his boom and mic dripping wet: working inside wasn’t that bad, after all.

Plint Studios in Borås, Sweden.

The year was 2011, enough time to gain a valuable experience that he put to good use since then, from working on every possible type of sound production to dubbing the looniest cartoons, mixing the latest soap operas and recording narrator’s voice for epic nature shows. In the course of his decade-long career, voice-over productions have played a leading role in his work: Jonas has been arranging, recording and mixing all kinds of languages for any thinkable project – commercials, e- learning programs, TV shows, cartoons, whether it be for TV, VOD providers, radio, the Web or museums.

Today, this deep dive into the audiovisual universe not only allows Jonas to list the top 5 movies with the best dialogue in his sleep, but benefits above all to Plint’s expertise as he brought along his knowledge and experience in global voice-over localization to our team, helping clients with ADR, dubbing, lip-syncing, casting, as well as TV and VOD mixing. Anything really, as long as it doesn’t require standing still in the rain.

If you want more info or need some help with Jonas’ expertise, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us:

Jonas Göransson
Project Manager Studios
+46 70 942 80 62

Per Nauclér
Head of Business Development & Sales
+46 70 339 43 06