Maria D’Alessandro
— Head of Client Services


London on our mind

Text by François Lambrecht
Photography by Benjamin Davies

A true linguist at heart, Head of Client Services Marie D’Alessandro will help expand Plint’s range of services and enhance its position among international customers from our new London office.

It always comes down to family. The one you’re from, the one you choose. Or the one you start, and the one you join. No matter where life leads you, family isn’t about standing still and relentlessly coming back to the place you’re supposed to belong – it’s also about sharing expectations, ideas and beliefs. About travelling a piece of the road together with those you want to share your story with. This is all the more true in our sector that revolves around languages and storytelling over cultures; we don’t want to stay still, we keep on opening up new horizons to share with others. It’s part of our nature at Plint, and it’s always been a defining trait of Maria D’Alessandro, our new Head of Client Services.

It’s her desire to explore other cultures and deepen her linguistic knowledge that led her to England more than 20 years ago, with her degree in Translation and Interpretation from the University of Bologna in hand. First graduating with a degree in Humanities and Hispanic Studies from Birkbeck College, University of London, then obtaining a master’s degree in Translation Studies from the University of Warwick. That’s also where she met her partner, and the reason why she decided to stay there. Moving from a fairly mild Southern European Country to the UK during the coldest winter on records since the early 1920s could have stopped anyone in their tracks, but being very optimistic and positive by nature, she soon made London her new home.

Plint opened a new office in London.

Kicking it off as an Italian subtitler at BTI Studios in 2004, Maria has accompanied the transformation of the localisation business to this day, starting at a time when very few clients had gone digital and boxes of VHS tapes were shipped to the office, or running overnight high profile Award Ceremonies for Viacom, waiting for tapes to be couriered over to the office while ensuring that her colleagues and clients were still awake.

Throughout her career, she’s been involved with most aspects of the localisation and access services business, including subtitling, full lip sync dubbing, voice-over, sub dub combo, subtitling for the hard of hearing, audio description, theatrical audio description, etc. for clients ranging from local broadcasters to major content holders and VOD platforms, not to forget that she’s also participated in a few early SVOD service launches in Europe and Latin America. Over the past few years, she was also managing teams and budgets, heavily involved in sales and, by the time she left BTI Studios, its UK Managing Director.

Plint will now benefit from her solid understanding of all aspects of the localisation and access services workflows to continue its journey and pursue its growth. And, judging from the warm welcome she’s already received from her colleagues, she’s looking forward to a long career within the company.

“I have known of Plint, of its robust technological platform, and of its reputation for high quality and high service levels for several years now, having had the chance to collaborate with the company on a number of occasions. Plint has felt like the perfect match at this point in my career, and I am honoured to be joining such a dedicated group of people, and being offered the opportunity to contribute to the growth plans that are in store,” says Maria D’Alessandro.

Maria will work closely with our Head of Business Development Per Nauclér and our Head of Subtitling Åsa Zimmerman to further develop Plint on new markets. To this end, she will make good use of the negotiation skills she developed throughout her career – skills that, incidentally, she also took advantage of at home during these past few months of UK lockdown when dealing with her very energetic 7-year old son.

So, from one family to the other, welcome to Plint, Maria.

If you want more info or need some help with our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us:

Maria D’Alessandro
Head of Client Services
+44 (0)203 744 6912
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Per Nauclér
Head of Business Development & Sales
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